Pet Sitting and Daily Excercise

We offer a variety of pet sitting services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether going away for a couple of hours or several days, we will design a program that is a perfect fit for you and your pets.

Each session will include our taking care of your pet's nutritional, sanitary, health and social needs. Some of the fun activities may include walking, brushing, chase, hide and seek, laser pointer tag, and petting sessions! We will also bring in your mail and water your plants at no extra charge!


 Pet Sitting

- Up to two pets.

- $17.00 per half hour visit

- $3.00 per additional pet

 Daily Dog Exercise


- Up to two dogs.

- $15.00 per visit

- $3.00 per additional dog


*Appointments scheduled in less than a 24 hour period are subject to a one time $10.00 administrative fee.
*Appointments cancelled in less than a 24 hour period from the scheduled appointment are subject to the full fee of the cancelled appointment.
*Additional fees may apply. All pricing subject to change without notice.
Please call FYDOLAND 844-GET-FYDO for further information.

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